Echo of The Youthful Voice

I represent the speckles of dying ember of my country

I represent the youth to speak up,

standing between the lines of ideals and fallacies.

For I want to express my belief: my ideas and my whispers to be taken heedfully.




Yesterday, our convictions and ideals were tangled with fire and gloom

We were told be grateful of everything they have bestowed upon us

Indeed, our intention was read like a letter  by  blindfolded eyes

Our voice box is no longer the larynx of the mammals

but we’re  not even the  Aves to begin with!




You can tell  lies but you can’t obstruct our path

to voicing our deepest sorrow of Her.

Education elevates our minds,religion speaks us truth and peace,

and race connects us,youth.

But your  impolitic, political agenda clouds the rays of  dawn for us,

as we’re on our knees, clenching hands in hope for the better future.




Lamented, Saddened by the fact that our future is compromised.

We’re the misfits of the society,trying to fit in to your fabric of filtering holes.

We shall save Her from you:patch Her up and

recreate the abandoned dreams of ours.

She has been and still is a wielder..

An unfortunate wielder of the barbarous Caledfwlch,

that has been long consumed by the shades of the shadow.




To let ourselves  foresee a brighter future, we shall never talk nonsense, but

to whisper words of history,science, literature and hope.

I invite you to join me on a journey

to swim against the tide of their version of normal.

And this is to you, people who disparage this youthful voice.

You can call me liberal, call me an outcast or a seeker of foolish fame.

But I don’t need you to tell what’s wrong or what’s supposed to be right

I  only need my voice to be heard, to be echoed across the nation.




Because a voice can be of two things:

injecting barbs of despair or reliving hope for  long dead souls.

And I believe my voice is hope.


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  1. It sounds lame muahaha XD

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